Free valuation


GSPC understands that an accurate property valuation is the vital starting point for a successful sale.

Fortunately, the fact that we sell more property in west central Scotland than anyone else means we are best placed to give you an accurate, honest valuation based on real selling prices and our expert knowledge of the market.

GSPC also knows that it is essential to get the valuation right first time. Set your asking price too low and offers could fall too low. On the other hand, make it too high and you run the risk of seeing your home languishing on the market. 

We look to hit the bullseye every time when it comes to determining your property’s value. For one, we give you the facts based on the latest sales information and an in-depth understanding of market dynamics. 

Furthermore, we won’t provide an artificially inflated valuation of your home in the hope that you will choose our company. Experience shows that homes with high starting prices risk selling for less than they could achieve if the pricing was accurate from the start.

Don’t delay! Simply send us an email with your name, phone number and postcode or call us on 08000 191257 (or 0141 572 2400) for a free no obligation valuation and find out how much your home is really worth.

If you choose to sell your home with GSPC after receiving your valuation, we will ensure your property is subjected to a uniquely effective marketing strategy which incorporates both print and online methods. Find out more here.