The best advertising for your home


GSPC provides you with everything for home buying and selling in one place, offering great service to secure you a great sale. Our trusted local experts work hard to ensure that you get the best advice to achieve the best selling price.

Advertise with GSPC today and we guarantee that your advertising package will include the following:

  • Great online advertising and promotions
  • Guaranteed appearances in our popular property guide
  • Support from our call centre, with convenient opening hours
  • Email notifications to potential buyers looking for a home just like yours

Best Online Advertising

Our online advertising combines a range of websites chosen to reach the best buyer for your home.

9 out of 10 buyers are local

We use our local expert knowledge to your advantage. Our own website is one of the most popular websites advertising houses and flats for sale in the west of Scotland. With over 125,000 unique visitors a month it's one website you won't want to miss.

Scotland wide

To guarantee saturation coverage across Scotland, your home will also be advertised on, the perfect way to reach buyers moving across from the east, and, Scotland’s national property website advertising over 16,000 homes for sale through solicitors across the country.

Across the UK

All of our homes for sale are also advertised on ‘’ - a UK wide website for anyone, like us, who is serious about selling residential property.

Just to be sure we haven’t missed anyone, all of our homes can also be discovered on Nestoria, an international property search engine which features homes for sale around the world.

Property guide

The truth is that, if your home doesn’t appear in print, there are some people who just won’t see it.

The real reason most agents don’t recommend print advertising is that it can be expensive, especially if you advertise your home often.

GSPC members, however, guarantee advertising in the Property Guide for your home.

  • 19,000 copies across west/central Scotland
  • 400outlets
  • up to 100 pages of properties

We're open longer

Our call centre means we’re open to buyers for longer than most estate agents. We’re open until 9.00pm on weekdays and between 10.00am and 4.00pm at weekends. It means we won’t miss an opportunity to sell your home.

Property search

We are asked by thousands of buyers to help them find their next home and our extensive mailing list ensures that we will get lots of attention for your property. In fact, we send out over 24,000 emails in an average month alerting buyers to new homes on the market.


Over 30,000 aspiring buyers use our Watchlist at any one time to keep tabs on specific properties that have caught their eye.  Home buyers rate it so highly that 1,800 new users join the service every month.

30,000 buyers watching five properties each on average.

1,800 new users every month.

To get the best advertising for your home, talk to your GSPC member firm.  You can search for a GSPC member by going to our solicitor search tool.

Alternatively, you can call us on 08457 229922 (or 0141 572 2400).