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If you are looking for a property out with Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife, look no further than SPC Scotland which lists over 16,000 properties for sale across the whole of Scotland.  The fast easy to use site contains all properties listed by the 11 Scottish Property Centres throughout the country.

If you're a seller

We know from research that it's important for sellers to maximize their property's exposure at a local level and then across the rest of Scotland as the vast majority of buyers will come from either of these groups.  By selling through a solicitor estate agent, a property will automatically be featured not only through your local property centre, but now on the national website as well.

If you're a buyer

For buyers the site gives detailed information and photos of thousands of properties for sale in one easy to access place.

Your buyer is likely to be local

Although the SPC system is well known within Scotland, if you are from outside the country you may well assume that searching on one of the well known national websites will show you all the properties for sale in your area of interest. However, a majority of the properties on SPC websites don't appear on these national ones. A web search for 'property Liverpool' or 'property Bristol' will usually show a national estate agent as the top search result, but if you try 'property Glasgow' or 'property Edinburgh' you'll find an SPC at the top. This reflects the market share of SPCs in Scotland.

Have a look for yourself today.  You never know, you might find that perfect house you have been dreaming of!