Home Report

Having a Home Report is now an integral part of moving home - you have to have one before your home can be advertised for sale.


If you don't have a home report, don't worry

Sell your home through a GSPC member firm and they can get a home report created for you quickly and easily.

They can instruct the Home Report Single Survey and the Home Report Energy Report, help you to complete the Home Report Property Questionnaire, bring everything together in one high quality Home Report document and make sure genuine buyers can view it in the way that's most convenient to them.

They will also integrate the delivery of the Home Report with the other preparations for selling your home (such as creating schedules and advertisements) so that your home will be ready to be advertised as soon as possible.

As lawyers and estate agents, our members have a unique combination of skills and expertise that makes them ideally suited to preparing a Home Report for your home.

What you can expect...

When you ask a GSPC member to provide your Home Report.

  1. Expert recommendations on market value.
  2. Prompt instruction of the Single Survey and Energy Report.
  3. Speedy delivery of the completed report.
  4. Simultaneous marketing preparations to get your home on the market asap.
  5. High quality presentation of your home.
  6. On-line, electronic and hard copy distribution to qualified buyers.
  7. Regular updates on progress.
  8. Regular reports on buyers who have viewed your Home Report.
  9. A range of payment options to suit your circumstances.

What next?

For more information and to instruct a Home Report, visit:

Visit homereportonline.co.uk

Arrange a valuation

This information tells you more about what's in a Home Report, what it might mean for you whether you are a buyer, a seller, or both and why, if you are selling, it will pay you to instruct a GSPC member firm to provide your Home Report.

Got any questions?

We have started to collate questions ans answers to help but ff you can't find the answers here, send us a note at homereports@gspc.co.uk. We may not be able to reply on-line to each message individually, but we'll summarise the most frequently asked questions and answer them here.

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